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Insurance for Faculty and Staff

All UGA faculty and staff members traveling abroad on official university business must be covered by medical evacuation and repatriation of remains insurance. However, most employees are already covered for this insurance as described below:
As of January 1, 2003, all regular UGA employees were automatically enrolled in the MetLife Life $25,000 life insurance policy, which includes MetLife Travel Assistance. This policy includes medical evacuation & repatriation coverage, but no overseas health coverage.

The insurance brochures, which were distributed with all the other insurance brochures before the open enrollment period, contained an ID card for the Travel Assistance policy (a tear-off one in a tri-fold brochure). All benefits eligible faculty and staff can call Travel Assistance at 800-454-3679 for more information (if outside the country, call collect 312-935-3783). If you no longer have this ID card, please contact Human Resources for another. You should carry this card with you while traveling, as it has the numbers for emergency assistance.
More information about UGA Human Resources Benefits can be found on the UGA HR website. (

Depending on your regular health insurance plan, or if you are not a benefits-eligible employee, you may wish to purchase additional overseas health insurance. There are many options available from several companies.

Redpoint Insurance

All active benefits-eligible University System of Georgia Employees, as well as their spouses and dependent children, have access to Redpoint Travel Assistance Services with no additional premium or enrollment required. For study abroad program directors and staff, this Redpoint Insurance will act as a supplemental insurance during the official dates of your program. Outside of the program dates, this will function as your primary insurance.

For full details on the benefits, please see the USG Redpoint Travel Summary.

CISI Insurance

CISI coverage is required for faculty and staff traveling with UGA students on a program approved by UGA. Faculty and staff will be enrolled into the coverage by OIE for the official dates of their program no later than one month prior to program departure. CISI coverage is available and strongly encouraged for dependents of UGA faculty and staff traveling on UGA study abroad programs.  CISI coverage is available to UGA faculty and staff only when they are traveling with students on approved study abroad programs and activities.  


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